Signal processing and Bio-medical Imaging Lab

Led By Dr. Anubha Gupta

(Started in Jan 2014)

SBI-Lab focuses on Signal Processing areas including Multirate Systems and Filter Banks, Theory and Application of Wavelet Transforms, Signal Processing on Graphs, Compressed Sensing, Sparse Reconstruction, fMRI Signal and Image Processing, Medical Image Processing, Machine Learning, and Signal Processing for Communication Engineering.

Collaborators are welcomed from Academia/Industry. Kindly contact Dr. Anubha Gupta( for further details.

Dr. Anubha Gupta is conducting a GIAN course (sponsored by MHRD) on the topic, "Principal Components Analysis (PCA) and Robust PCA for Modern Datasets: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications", from 18th to 22nd December, 2017. For more information, please visit GIAN@IIITD.

Open Positions: RA: RA positions are available in the group. Last date of application is December 06, 2017. Click here for more information.
PhD: Two PhD positions are available in the areas of "Deep Learning in Cancer Genomics"/"Wavelets in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks"/ "Machine Learning in Brain Networks"/ "Building Dynamic Brain Networks using fMRI/EEG signal Processing" under rolling admission. Meritorious and hard working B.Tech and M.Tech. students with good research aptitude are highly encouraged to apply. Please apply via submission of your CV to

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