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Signal processing and Bio-medical Imaging Lab

Led By Dr. Anubha Gupta

(Started in Jan 2014)

SBILab focuses on Signal Processing areas including applications of Wavelet Transforms, Machine (Deep) Learning, and Compressed Sensing, Sparse Reconstruction, fMRI/EEG/MRI/DTI Signal and Image Processing, Genomics Signal Processing, Signal Processing for Communication Engineering, and RF Energy Harvesting.

Collaborators are welcomed from Academia/Industry. Kindly contact Dr. Anubha Gupta( for further details.

IEEE ISBI 2019 Challenge: We are pleased to announce that the selected papers of our IEEE International Symposium for Biomedical Imaging (IEEE ISBI) 2019 challenge, ‘C-NMC: Classification of Normal vs Malignant Cells in B-ALL White Blood Cancer Microscopic Images,’ will be published in the Springer Proceedings titled, ‘ISBI 2019 C-NMC challenge: Classification in Cancer Cell Imaging.’ This proceeding is exclusively for the papers accepted through our ISBI-2019 challenge. It provides the participants a dedicated platform to showcase their contributions towards solving a challenging medical problem. Participants are encouraged to actively participate in the challenge and tap this opportunity. We also greatly acknowledge the support of IBM for being the technical co-sponsor. For more information or to participate in the challenge visit our challenge portal. new

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