Consensus based Risk Staging System (CRSS) calculator for Multiple Myeloma (version 1.0)

Joint collaborative work of Laboratory Oncology Unit, Dr. B.R.A. IRCH, AIIMS, New Delhi and SBILab, Department of ECE, IIIT-Delhi, New Delhi

Principal Investigators: Prof. Ritu Gupta, AIIMS and Prof. Anubha Gupta, IIITD

Description: CRSS is an efficient and robust AI-enabled risk-staging system for MM patients that utilizes ethnicity-specific cutoffs of key prognostic parameters. It predicts the risk stage of a patient depending on the values of the seven parameters- age, albumin, β2m, hemoglobin, calcium, eGFR and high risk cytogenetic abnormalities [del 17p; t(4;14); t(14;16)].

Please cite us if you use CRSS calculator in your research work.

If information on ethnicity and genetic abnormalties is not available, then you can use MRS calculator designed by us. MRS is also an advanced AI-supported calculator that works efficiently in the absence of cytogenetic abnormalities, that is, it predicts the MM cancer risk stage using the six parameters of the patients- age, albumin, hemoglobin, β2M, calcium and eGFR.