Modified Risk Staging System (MRS) calculator for Multiple Myeloma (version 1.0)

Joint collaborative work of Laboratory Oncology Unit, Dr. B.R.A. IRCH, AIIMS, New Delhi and SBILab, Department of ECE, IIIT-Delhi, New Delhi

Principal Investigators: Prof. Ritu Gupta, AIIMS and Prof. Anubha Gupta, IIITD

Description: MRS is a robust AI-supported risk-staging system for MM patients that utilizes easy to acquire key prognostic parameters. It predicts the risk stage of a patient depending on the values of the six parameters- age, albumin, b2m, hemoglobin, calcium and eGFR.

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We have also designed an advanced AI-enabled calculator, CRSS, which utilizes ethnicity-specific cutoffs of key prognostic parameters. CRSS predicts the risk stage of a patient using the seven parameters- age, albumin, β2M, hemoglobin, calcium, eGFR and high risk cytogenetic abnormalities [del 17p; t(4;14); t(14;16)].