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Signal Processing and Biomedical Imaging Lab

Led By Prof. Anubha Gupta of IIIT-Delhi

(Started in Jan 2014)

SBILab focuses on Signal Processing areas including applications of Wavelet Transforms, Machine (Deep) Learning, and Compressed Sensing, Sparse Reconstruction, fMRI/EEG/MRI/DTI Signal and Image Processing, Genomics Signal Processing, Signal Processing for Communication Engineering, and RF Energy Harvesting.

Collaborators are welcomed from Academia/Industry. Kindly contact Prof. Anubha Gupta( for further details.

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For Graduates interested in pursuing the exciting fields of reseach:
  • If qualified CSIR-UGC (NET) Junior Research Fellowship (JRF), you may approach us for opportunity as a PhD research scholar with the latest CV and JRF result at

For Industry Sponsored Students interested in pursuing PhD program:
  • You may contact us with the latest CV and sponsorship details at

For Faculty/Industrialist with mutual research interests:
  • Please contact Prof. Anubha Gupta ( for collaborations.

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