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Dr. Shiv Gehlot (Lead Engineer (AI), Sun Pharmaceutical): Ph.D. Scholar

Five years at IIIT-Delhi are easily the best time of my life, leading to significant professional and personal development. Kudos to Prof. Anubha Gupta for providing a supportive, open, and flexible research environment. She has always encouraged me to become a better version of myself. I believe, under her able guidance, SBILab will witness exponential and impactful growth.

Sonakshi Grover (B.Tech., CSE(UG), IIIT-Delhi): BTP (B.Tech. Project)

I joined Anubha Ma'am's lab right after my 4th sem for my Btech project and continued there for the remainder of my Bachelors. During my very first meeting with her, she had asked me - "Sonakshi, are you willing to work on this and not run away?" Hahaha, I still cherish that memory. Over the next couple of semesters, I felt myself transform because of the sheer magnitude of opportunities, skills and knowledge I got from working under her. Apart from the excellent mentorship and guidance I received from her, I got to work on real genomic data, interact with Doctors and see real sequencing machines! Ma'am also helped me grow as a person and took interest in my overall development, mentoring me not just for my research project, but also on what courses I can enroll-in and what Universities I can apply for my Masters. Ma'am makes sure that her student is working in the right direction and is putting in the right effort. I felt like she knew me in and out:) I still try to follow her constructive feedback whenever possible. I also vividly remember when she complimented me, telling me - "Sonakshi, you have the potential for becoming a professor", after I shared with her my learnings on Gene Transcription and Translation standing in front of the whiteboard in her office. Thank you Ma'am for making my undergrad experience so wholesome and treasurable.

Dr. Priya Aggarwal (Research Scientist I, Vehant Technology Pvt. Ltd. Noida, Uttar Pradesh): Ph.D. Scholar

I joined the lab during my masters degree. Later, I converted to a Doctorate program and decided to continue to work in the same lab even for my Doctoral research. I am so grateful to have Prof. Gupta as my M.Tech. and Ph.D. supervisor both. She is like a candle who has lit up my career path and helped me immensely to achieve my goals. She is my role model. Whatever, I am today is just because of her guidance and encouragement along the way. She brushed up my reading, writing and research skills by sitting for long hours. I extremely regard her in this perspective as no Ph.D guide spends so much time on his/her student. I owe my success to her and heartfelt thanks to her for her dedication and friendly supervision during the last years. Thank you for all your expert guidance, encouragement, and support!

Rahul Duggal (Research Associate, Georgia Institute of Technology): Research Intern

I spent 1.5 yrs as a research associate in SBILab. In this time, I could not have asked for a better mentor than Prof. Anubha who took a chance on me given I had very little prior research experience. We met almost daily to discuss the latest research progress and new directions which I strongly cherish. At one point ma’am used joke - Rahul, you are taking more time than all of my PhD students. This is perhaps the best thing about her. She really cares deeply about her students and genuinely roots for their success. With her support, I was able to publish multiple papers and get into a great PhD program. To all future students of SBILab - you are under great hands with Dr. Gupta. Expect to work hard, push boundaries and you will definitely be rewarded.

Jayant Jain (B.Tech., ECE(UG), IIIT-Delhi): IP/IS

I joined the lab after taking Dr. Anubha's course(PRP) for 6 months. Although we(Shubhankar & I) initially assumed to work on a machine learning-based project on ECG waves as a joint IP, we ultimately published one paper @ BioSmart'21 conference in Paris and another journal in collaboration with medical professionals from prominent hospitals in Delhi. We regularly had update sessions with ma'am to clear up our roadblocks and talk through the project's progress. There are quite a lot of projects with varying levels of complexity as per one's interest. Anyone fascinated with the domain of signal processing, machine/deep learning, AI, or interested in them should definitely consider working with the lab.

Shubhankar Poundrik (B.Tech., ECE(UG), IIIT-Delhi): IP/IS

My research at SBILab gave me the opportunity to do impactful research and produce a paper that was presented at a reputed journal. My research was on the effects of COVID-19 on the heart. I was, thus, able to interact and collaborate with other students as well as experts from the medical field. Prof. Anubha Gupta was highly involved with the project. The project would not have been possible without her helpful insights and guidance. My research work at SBILab allowed me to further strengthen and put into practical use the concepts of ML that I had learned in my courses.

Pranav Goyal (B.Tech., CSE(UG), IIIT-Delhi): Research Intern

I had a very fulfilling research experience working with Anubha Ma'am over the course of almost 1.5 years. Coming in with limited research experience, it was her constant guidance and vote of trust in me for piloting a cool project, that led to a successful ICASSP submission in just 4 months of work.
The conducive discussions and critical advice shared by Ma'am on various research decisions, made my research journey thrilling and edifying.
Ma'am was especially suportive during times of personal health setbacks. There was no shortage of motivation and I got aligned to intrinsically want to put my best foot forward in the project work. I would look forward to future opportunities for collaborating with Ma'am.

Abhishek Madaan (M.Tech., CSE(PG), IIIT-Delhi): M.Tech. Capstone

It was great working with Anubha ma'am. We met online every week to discuss and give updates on the project. This helped me to learn in an interactive way. The best thing was discussing the research papers continuously throughout the project.

Sanidhya Singal (B.Tech., CSE(UG), IIIT-Delhi): Studied course under Prof. Gupta

Anubha ma'am's ability to disseminate ideas in a lucid and uncomplicated way has left a lasting imprint on my mind. The concepts learned in her courses, such as audio analysis, convolution and cosine transform, are proving very valuable at my workplace. She has taught me the value of learning the fundamentals of a subject and its paramount importance to success in one's field. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be her student.

Lakshya Singh (B.Tech., ECE(UG), IIIT-Delhi): Research Intern

Everyone is really helpful and understanding especially our esteemed prof Dr. Anubha Gupta.

Gurleen Kaur Ahuja (B.Tech., CSE(UG), Shiv Nadar University): Research Intern

My stint at SBILab gave me an opportunity to strengthen my fundamentals of research and also to collaborate with reputed institutions such as AIIMS. It was an honor to work under the guidance of Prof. Anubha Gupta. It is rare to come across a person of her stature to be equally connected with theory as well the implementation aspect of projects. She would make sure to be deeply involved in all of her projects by setting up regular meetings despite her extremely busy schedule. I am extremely fortunate to have gotten an opportunity to intern at the SBILab as it cemented my desire to pursue research in future.

Amulya Agrawal (M.Tech., CSE(PG), IIIT-D): M.Tech. Capstone

The professor was extremely helpful and approachable during my project. There are lots of projects and opportunities for working and learning.

Deepankar Kansal (M.Tech., CSE(PG), IIIT-D): M.Tech. Capstone

It's great to work with SBI lab and the instructor was really nice to me and help me with the project throughout the duration of the project.

Akhil Mahajan (M.Tech., CSE(PG), IIIT-D): M.Tech. Capstone

Thank you Ma'am for all the guidance that you have provided during the course of the research work. Thank you for taking out some time every week to help me with the research work. I have learned so much from you and I am sure these learnings will stay with me for a long time.

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